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We Provide The Best Tree Services In Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas. Call Us Today To Schedule Your Appointment!

Tree Services Baton Rouge

We understand that the trees on your property are valuable and beautiful, which is why we offer tree services in Baton Rouge that can extend the life of your trees and keep them looking great for years.

Here at Precision Tree service, we have the knowledge and the expertise to keep your trees healthy and vibrant, or, if necessary, to remove them safely and efficiently. Our friendly technicians are committed to excellent customer service and will keep your trees looking great!

We provide the best Tree Services in the business
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Tree Service near me East Baton Rouge Parish

Professional Tree Services

We have almost four decades of experience working with trees in this area.

We have developed the experience needed to tell if a tree can be saved by advanced arboreal techniques, or if it must be taken down.

Sadly, even healthy branches must be removed sometimes.

If it is growing over your home, the next hurricane could bring it down.

This could cause damage and cost a small fortune. The same is true if you have an old tree near the parking lot at your office. It is not worth accepting the risk to your clients’ cars.

Whether a tree must be taken down or can be saved, we are the right team to call.

We offer the following tree services:

Tree Removal

In general, we like to save as many trees as possible. However, sometimes there just is no choice. Tree removal is a large project. We have to remove the branches safely, and then start from the top of the tree.

We remove intact trees but we also remove stubborn tree stumps. Many times, people will cut the stump as close to the ground as possible.

We remove the entire tree, eliminating a hazard to your family and vehicles. Get in touch with us right away if you have a tree or tree stump that is causing problems.

Tree Removal Prairieville

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can be necessary for aesthetic, safety, or tree-health reasons. A well-trimmed can create the look and feel of a classic estate. An improperly trimmed tree can not only look bad, but may also decay far more quickly.

If you have low hanging branches near your home or office, they may be a safety concern. A ten foot long live oak branch that is 10 inches in diameter can weigh 500 pounds or more.

Removing rotten branches not only removes the risk to your building, it also prolongs the health of the tree. Call us to learn more about this tree service if you think you might have a problem.

Debris Removal

After a big storm comes through, our tree services are perfect for debris removal. This is a labor intensive task that we excel at and we readily accept the challenge. Our licensed arborist has the expertise to know how to best address your trees and keep them healthy for years to come.

If you are looking for professional tree services in Baton Rouge or any nearby area, call us today at (225) 753-6386 or (225) 658-0160.

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