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Land Clearing Baton Rouge

Land clearing in Baton Rouge is one of the first steps you’ll need to take when looking to build a new property, make an addition to a current one, or simply give your property a more aesthetic appearance overall.

It can also be done to prepare a piece of land for agricultural use or farming. No matter the prospective use, repurposing a piece of land to make it more usable can create a myriad of opportunities for your new space.

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The process of land clearing can involve ridding your lot of any unnecessary or unwanted vegetation, debris, large rocks, trees, or stumps.

Some land clearing projects are minimal and seem feasible to complete on your own. Others are much more involved and laborious.

Regardless of the size of your land clearing needs, there can be many complex factors involved that may seem overwhelming or stressful; especially if you aren’t familiar with what goes into the process.

Thankfully with our help, even the largest of tasks won’t even seem daunting.

Land Clearing Process

The process of removing all trees, shrubs, fallen branches, rocks, and other debris can be quite a time-consuming process. Trees typically need to be taken down one by one. However, with our forest mulching equipment, it can be expedited quite a bit.

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Depending on the size of your lot or acreage and the amount of vegetation left over, we will use a hand trimmer or machine to clear the remainder of the area. Once all debris has been collected, it will be efficiently disposed of.

Next, the existing stumps will need to be removed from the ground in a process called grubbing. With the correct tools and equipment, our licensed arborists can effectively remove deep set stumps that would otherwise be extremely difficult to uproot on your own.

This usually involves digging up roots. Then the use of a truck to pull up the entirety of the stump. Finally, the holes where the stumps once were will be filled in with dirt, then compacted and graded.

It's also worth mentioning that if you plan on farming or landscaping further on the land, you may want to consider using a plow to turn the fresh soil. It ensures that your land is even. It is also extremely beneficial for the soil and releases crucial nutrients back into the ground.

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